MA 214: Numerical Analysis

Course Code MA 214
Course Name Numerical Analysis
Lecture 3
Tutorial 1
Practical 0
Credit 8
Reference 1. S. D. Conte and Carl de Bo or, Elementary Numerical Analysis- An Algorithmic Approach (3rd Edition), McGraw-Hill, 1980.2. C. E. Froberg, Introduction to Numerical Analysis (2nd Edition), Addison-Wesley, 1981.3. E. Kreyszig, Advanced engineering mathematics (8th Edition), John Wiley (1999).
Description Interpolation by polynomials, divided di?erences, error of the interpo-lating polynomial, piecewise linear and cubic spline interpolation.Numerical integration, composite rules, error formulae.Solution of a system of linear equations, implementation of Gaussianelimination and Gauss-seidel metho ds, partial pivoting, row echelonform, LU factorization Cholesky302222s metho d, ill-conditioning, norms.solution of a nonlinear equation, bisection and secant metho ds.Newton302222s metho d, rate of convergence, solution of a system of nonlin-ear equations, numerical solution of ordinary di?erential equations, Eu-ler and Runge-Kutta metho ds, multi-step metho ds, predictor-correctormetho ds, order of convergence, ?nite di?erence metho ds, numericalsolutions of elliptic, parabolic, and hyperbolic partial di?erential equa-tions.Eigenvalue problem, power metho d, QR metho d, Gershgorin302222s theo-rem.Exposure to software packages like IMSL subroutines, MATLAB.